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  Legal Services  

The Chambers offer specialist legal advisory work, drafting advice, claims or counter-claims, contracts and commercial agreements, defence, grounds of appeal, second opinions, witness statements and representation to all courts, tribunals and the High Court. We can draft and send out general correspondence on your behalf using Chambers headed paper. The Chambers welcome direct instructions from individual clients, business owners, solicitors, European and overseas lawyers, international companies and investors. With a wide range of experience and expertise both as a Barrister and a Magistrate, Anis Rahman OBE is committed to providing full legal advice at a fixed fee to the public as well as cost-competitive fees for medium and large companies. Multi-lingual facilities including French are available.


  • Any Home Office Applications / Immigration Appeals
  • Detention and Bail Applications
  • Deportation
  • EU Law
  • Family / Marriage Applications
  • Human Rights / Asylum
  • Judicial Reviews
  • Sponsorship Licence
  • Tier 1-5 Applications
  • Visitor / Student Visa Applications & Renewals


  • Aviation / Transport
  • Commissioner for Oaths / Power of Attorney (documents to be drafted, signed and sealed)
  • Constitution
  • Contract Review and Preparation
  • Employment / Discrimination (race, sex, disability, religion or age) / Unfair Dismissal
  • Family / Divorce / Property Adjustment
  • Housing / Landlord & Tenant
  • Libel / Defamation
  • Local Authority and Administrative Law
  • Partnership Disputes


  • All Criminal Matters / Anti-Social Behaviour / Domestic Violence
  • Fraud / Money Laundering
  • Immigration Offences
  • Minicab Touting / Specialist Legal Representation
  • Motoring / Speeding / Driving Disqualification / Other Road Traffic Offences
  • Public Order Offences
  • Specialist advice on appeals against convictions or sentence